Private Schools – The Truth

In private school, money is a huge deal. The school will do anything in order to keep that money flow continuous. That includes hurting the student to keep up the image of the school.

I was emotionally and mentally abused by my parents for years, I still am but from a distance (I moved out 2 weeks ago, I’m a senior in high school).

On New Years Eve, that abuse turned physical, so the following Monday, I went to my school counselor for help. My family has already caused a lot of commotion this year at school, so the counselor was blunt with me by telling me they couldn’t do anything because I’m 18 and they have to watch their own asses so they do not face a law suit.

My parents are narcissists. It’s either their way or the highway. My school, with knowledge of the emotional, mental, and physical abuse, to me to suck it up because I only have a few more months before I graduate.

What the fuck? What kind of school tells a student to stay in an environment that is abusive and highly encourages that? What if I had stayed at home, and it happened again? Then what would they have done?

I cannot stand private schools. They violate student’s rights to no end. They will get involved from anything to a traffic violation to a student murdering someone. There are no boundaries. If I went to a public school and moved out, the school would not care and would support me in that situation. But my current school has completely overridden my privacy in numerous ways, in order to keep my parents satisfied.

Note: This was a venting post. I don’t really want feedback or any sort of defense for private schools. Private school educations are excellent and I do not regret that, it’s the way that they are willing to treat their students. I know firsthand.


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