The Process

The transformation of herself begins

With the questioning of what she sees.

She don’t always know

Who she is.

What she is.

Why she is.

Spinning out of control quickly. Easily

Shuddering at the view of her naked face.

The make up covers the imperfections but

Adds to what has built up over time.

Routines become tedious and boring but the

Result makes it worth the effort.

So close to breaking but it’s only

Morning. She has to wait until she’s

Alone with no one to see her at her worst.

Striving to appear as if she’s not trying but

That’s impossible to hide, as no one looks like that

Naturally she’s not happy even with the results.

Primer. Foundation. Eye shadow. Eyeliner. Mascara.

All make her what she’s not –



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