The Transition

The Transition

The transition is a wave.
We see it forming
We see it coming.
Then all in one motion it hits us and we are knocked down
Pulled under, unable to breathe and unable to adjust.
Forced to absorb and take everything
That is now in front of us.
Forced to understand and accept everything
That is new to us.
The transition can make us
Or break us.
It can help us grow
Or take us down.
Forced upon our helpless souls like
Chores, homework, responsibilities.
Forced upon scared and worried minds like
Monsters, ghosts, ghouls.
The transition is not something we can escape.
Because by escaping, we lose.
We lose our integrity, credibly, and
Respect of others.
Forced into adulthood too fast, too soon.
Forced into being independent too fast, too soon.
Too fast, too soon.
Too much, too much.

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