Flash Fiction

            The telling of the story itself was the intriguing piece of the entire conflict. That was the part that the people enjoyed the most. Adding more twists and turns each time it was told, transforming the real event into something more dramatic, more exciting.

            He was a prominent executive of an enormous company. She was his temporary secretary. It just happened. The affair began a dark Friday night. It was raining. She was behind on paperwork and he was behind on a presentation he had to give to the company the next morning. She knocked on his office door, expecting to walk in on him busily working at his desk. But instead what she found was much more surprising. He was leisurely lounging in his big director chair drinking a glass of red wine. She tried to leave quickly but he invited her in. The shades were drawn, making the room much darker with the dim lamp on his desk turned to the lowest power. Mood lighting.

            He was slightly drunk when he poured her a glass of her own. The dialogue turned from uncomfortable to mutual seduction quite quickly. But neither of them cared to stop. One thing led to another, resulting in many more drunken Friday night ventures.

            As it was bound to happen, one night they were not alone, though they thought they were. Hearing the laughter and ruckus in the office, another employee only assumed what was happening behind the closed doors confining the CEO and his newfound mistress. This led to the leaking of the affair, as well as the CEO’s divorce, loss of his position, and the downfall of the company. The chain of events led to hell for everyone involved. The spiral went down, taking her and him with it. 


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