10 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism


Thought Catalog

1. Because a girl that I babysit is already dieting and has body issues. She’s in 5th grade.

2. Because I have literally never seen a TV advertisement that depicts a stay-at-home dad or a working mother. The mother is always happily in the home, doing things like cleaning the toilet seat rim.

3. Because, at a recent high school track team auction, there were baskets labeled as “male oriented” and “female oriented”. Guess which bag was pink. I suppose they assume that women flock to the color pink like jungle animals at a depleted watering hole.

4. Because my 16-year-old sister got called out at school for wearing revealing shorts. She just so happens to have a non-flat butt, just like all of the other juicy-bottomed girls who get sent to the office for clothing issues. Flat girls rarely get pointed out, and boys never get reprimanded for wearing…

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