The Favorite Ex

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The Favorite Ex

Winter concocts a peculiar kind of relationship. Lovers don’t wake up too early, after too little sleep, to birds chirping, the usual audience of new love, but to a stark gray sky, the sun too far away from the earth to give us a remarkable sunrise. The emotional experience of winter is flatter. Throw love into the equation and the love becomes a drug trip you don’t want to come down from. This happens year-round, of course, but in the kinder seasons the lover ripped temporarily from his mate at least is kept company by the sun, green trees. In winter he has: indoors, lonely indoors, and too much darkness to indulge an already dark mind.

So there was a sadness to the beginning of our love, a sadness that isn’t noticed as such until you look back on the story from five years away. Then the sadness is seen…

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One thought on “The Favorite Ex”

  1. This is lovely. I also understand your feelings. My ex of 30 years is my BFF for sure. People are too complex to disregard all the tender memories you have of being with them. We change. So can the relationship.

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