The Only Real Women Are ‘Natural’ Women

This is a great article. Natural is always more beautiful.

Thought Catalog

I’ve always had bad skin. I’ve mentioned it several times here, and though it’s not my favorite topic in the world, it’s a part of who I am and colors some of the things I talk about. There are many out there who would say that having skin problems is a minor thing in life — something that could easily be ignored or “gotten over” — but for those who have lived with cystic acne, or rosacea, or psoriasis (often on their faces, no less), it’s hard to forget how much people notice it about you. Even if, in growing out of your teenage years, the problems abate or start to become more manageable, there will always be a reflex within you of someone who is trying to cover up and minimize the problems that exist in the middle of their faces. It’s a tough thing to deal with growing…

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