Consummate Love

An old poem of mine.

The Search for Clarity

A love poem. Not my best, but a shot.

Consummate Love


Only with you do I feel completely safe

Completely able to let go of everything and

Become vulnerable.

I lose myself in your touch, your taste, your smell –

And I feel whole.


Heat and desire overtake my body, mind, and soul

Wanting nothing more than to stay this way forever.

In your arms nothing can touch me,

Nothing can ruin what we have.

Our connection is too strong.


I’ve never wanted anyone this much.

I’ve never loved anyone this much.

It’s scary, I’d give you the world if I could.

If I could make everything better, I would.

You are it.

Consummate love.

Three components to make one whole.

Three components to show you how I feel.

My heart is in this.

My soul is in this.

My entire being is in this.

I’m fully…

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