It’s Happening!

Well, it’s happening! I was officially accepted into James Cook University study abroad program in Townsville, Queensland Australia! I could not be more excited. But it’s an expensive trip… so any donations (click the link below) would be greatly greatly appreciated! I am so blessed to have this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity!

🙂 Thank you so much! Share with your own followers, too please!


8 thoughts on “It’s Happening!”

  1. Enjoy Queensland! I’m in Brisbane, which is about 1000kms south of JCU. It’s the middle of winter & we are in shorts & t-shirts. You’ll have a ball!

    Have a great time in Australia


  2. I was abroad in the Gold Coast and went to Bond University and even have a few friends who went to James Cook. It’s honestly the most amazing experience. Wish you all the best!

  3. Congratulations! I live in Townsville and studied at JCU – you couldn’t have picked a greater location 🙂 I also did a study abroad at Purdue University in Indiana and it is such an amazing experience. I hope you enjoy it !

    Ps I have some blog posts and photos about Townsville if you’re curious about what it’s like 🙂

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