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Consummate Love

A love poem. Not my best, but a shot.

Consummate Love


Only with you do I feel completely safe

Completely able to let go of everything and

Become vulnerable.

I lose myself in your touch, your taste, your smell –

And I feel whole.


Heat and desire overtake my body, mind, and soul

Wanting nothing more than to stay this way forever.

In your arms nothing can touch me,

Nothing can ruin what we have.

Our connection is too strong.


I’ve never wanted anyone this much.

I’ve never loved anyone this much.

It’s scary, I’d give you the world if I could.

If I could make everything better, I would.

You are it.

Consummate love.

Three components to make one whole.

Three components to show you how I feel.

My heart is in this.

My soul is in this.

My entire being is in this.

I’m fully and completely yours.

The Transition

The Transition

The transition is a wave.
We see it forming
We see it coming.
Then all in one motion it hits us and we are knocked down
Pulled under, unable to breathe and unable to adjust.
Forced to absorb and take everything
That is now in front of us.
Forced to understand and accept everything
That is new to us.
The transition can make us
Or break us.
It can help us grow
Or take us down.
Forced upon our helpless souls like
Chores, homework, responsibilities.
Forced upon scared and worried minds like
Monsters, ghosts, ghouls.
The transition is not something we can escape.
Because by escaping, we lose.
We lose our integrity, credibly, and
Respect of others.
Forced into adulthood too fast, too soon.
Forced into being independent too fast, too soon.
Too fast, too soon.
Too much, too much.

Monotonous Sublime

Reaching to others, not knowing what to find,
Not knowing what you want.
Sometimes being satisfied, sometimes not.
Sometimes being understood, sometimes not.
Sometimes being validated, sometimes not.
The ‘sometimes not’s being changed to
‘More often than not’s as time drags
Slowly, slowly, slowly by.
When will you rise, and shake
Your chains, and demand to be heard.
Demand to be seen for who and what you are.
And not the
Child that they see you as.
Let them see who you are as you break free from
The chains that you built yourself,
Link by link.
The chains of entrapment,
Weighing you down until you simply,

O to break loose..

Oh to break loose
Like a caged animal.
Using all of the strength you can muster
Just to get out.
To be free of the vertical and horizontal bars that trap you.
Teeth ready to bite anything that
Gets in the way.
Wild eyes blazing like an inferno that
Cannot be put out.
It’s all about you, nothing else
And no one else
Crosses your mind.

The Process

The transformation of herself begins

With the questioning of what she sees.

She don’t always know

Who she is.

What she is.

Why she is.

Spinning out of control quickly. Easily

Shuddering at the view of her naked face.

The make up covers the imperfections but

Adds to what has built up over time.

Routines become tedious and boring but the

Result makes it worth the effort.

So close to breaking but it’s only

Morning. She has to wait until she’s

Alone with no one to see her at her worst.

Striving to appear as if she’s not trying but

That’s impossible to hide, as no one looks like that

Naturally she’s not happy even with the results.

Primer. Foundation. Eye shadow. Eyeliner. Mascara.

All make her what she’s not –


Second Shot at “The Notebook” Poem

The simple notebook

Holds so much

So many secrets,

So many feelings.


Blue and white speckled cover

Is plain

To make it appear ordinary

In the eyes of anyone else.


But I know what it holds,

The darkness, the light, the truth.

The black spine connects

All the pages, all the stories, all the secrets.


Secrets and feelings

That no one else knows

I have written

Pages upon pages of them.


Tattered, ripped edges

It was so strong for so long.

But now, it’s breaking, falling apart

Like me.

First Shot of “The Notebook” Poem

My composition notebook

Holds the words I am

Too afraid

To say out loud.


She is the one

I tell all my secrets

All my thoughts to

My confidant.


She won’t tell anyone

Anything that is written.

What is in her

Stays in her.


She is like a therapist

With no response.

Someone to vent to

Without judgment.


She won’t tell me

That I’m crazy or need

To change her is

To destroy her.